The Easiest Way to Change Shipping Addresses in eBay

“These people are driving you nuts; cancel, refund and block.” This was the suggestion I got from Jose, a friend I consider a guru of selling on eBay, Etsy, and Amazon. He boarded the eCommerce train a lot earlier than I did. What does that mean? Basically, that he knows his way around things, including […]

The Best Way to Print eBay Shipping Labels

Printing shipping labels from home is the foundational pillar of eCommerce and online shipping. Fortunately, this part of the shipping process is, in reality, amazingly easy! There are various printer models and types of paper you can use to print the labels, and many are worth their weight in gold (metaphorically, of course). This post […]

The Easiest Way to Send an Invoice on eBay

Posting and selling your items on eBay is just the beginning. Sealing the deal and getting paid are the next critical steps in the transaction. But life on eBay is not all beer and skittles; there are times when buyers delay in their payment or don’t pay at all. Self-proclaimed supreme masters on eBay might […]